MOBTOOL - generator software - codes for unlock your gsm nokia phone. For unlocking NOKIA phone you must follow next steps:

  • select NOKIA model
  • write imei`s phone ( *#06# )
  • select the country where the gsm operator is
  • select the gsm operator
  • select phone - type - Asic 2
  • Box serial - V2 Codes
  • click on CALC
  • close the phone, take off the sim card, open the phone
  • write to your phone the code recommended by MOBTOOL software, in this case the code is #pw+397826626530224+7# ("p", "w" and "+" press "*" for several times)
  • after the code will be written, phone will display : phone without restinctions
  • now the NOKIA phone is unlocked


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